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A Complete Buying Guide for a Freestanding Bath

A Complete Buying Guide for a Freestanding Bath

If you are following interior design trends, you have definitely noticed that top bathroom designers are recommending freestanding baths to their clients. It's a beautiful luxury. Having a freestanding bath is a wonderful way to add elegance and personality to your bathroom. A freestanding bath, as its name suggests, stands alone in your bathroom. With a huge variety of sizes and designs available, you can find a freestanding bathtub to suit virtually any bathroom scheme, whether you are looking for modern, clean lines, or a detailed design to suit a traditional bathroom.

There are various brands which are famous for their freestanding baths such as Mere Freestanding baths for modern bathrooms and Burlington bathrooms freestanding baths for traditional bathrooms. The right bathtub can make you feel like you are floating on a comfortable cloud.

There are few things to consider before buying a freestanding bath:

Plan Position of Bath First

Before buying a freestanding bath all you need to decide is the position. Decide where will your bath go in the bathroom. Unless you have a really spacious bathroom where you can position a freestanding bath with no fuss, then you need to study all the corners and spaces available where you can place a freestanding bath. By my view a good place to put freestanding bathtubs is near the window. It adds more relaxation to the bathing experience.

Size Of a Bath You Will Need

Of course you will need to consider this thing in your mind that what size of freestanding bath you will need. If you have a big and comfortable bathroom space then size does not matter but if you have limited space in your bathroom and you still want to put bath then size is the main thing to consider. Think about the size and consider a slipper bath or a short roll-top bath. If you are lucky enough to go for a freestanding bath of any size, place it in the centre of the room – it will give your bathroom a luxurious feeling.

Weight of The Bath

Sometimes freestanding baths are so heavy , especially when they are made from cast iron or stone material. So, you must keep this thing in your mind. If you’re in doubt about the structure of your house and the strength of your floor, do check with a builder or structural engineer.

Choose the Material

There are so many materials from that a freestanding bath can be made like Acrylic, Stone, Steel, Cast iron, and many more. I would suggest you to choose acrylic bath because its weight is around 50kg usually. which is much less than a cast iron or a steel bath. And if you are using your bath gently then I am sure it can last up to 30 years.

Choose Your Style

There are many styles of freestanding bath to choose from. You could go for traditional or modern bathroom. When choosing your tub, think about the impact you want your bathroom to make. If you want to give traditional effect to your bathroom then Burlington bathroom gives an extra ordinary traditional freestanding bath collection. And if you want to add modern touch to your bathroom then Tissino Freestanding Baths, BC designs modern baths are the best choice for that.

Choose a Colour

When it comes to the overall look, why not go for a colourful bath. A great thing about freestanding baths is that you can be flexible with colour. Cast-iron bathtubs usually come painted with an undercoat, ready for you or your decorator to add the final shade.

Select your Taps

When buying a freestanding bath, make sure you pay careful attention to the taps. Bath mounted taps are the most cost-effective option, You could also opt for a floor-standing design. Try Floor-mounted bath taps to give an extra ordinary look to your bathroom. Your decision will depend on the space available, your budget and your preference.

Make a Statement

If you really want to make an impact, choose a bath made from stone. Because a freestanding bath will be the focal point of your bathroom and you could style the rest of the space accordingly.


Have you considered a freestanding bath for your home? If you already have one, are you pleased with it? Share your thoughts and ideas with us here.



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