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A Complete Buying Guide to buy a Toilet for Your Bathroom

A Complete Buying Guide to buy a Toilet for Your Bathroom

Toilets are a crucial part of everyday life, but have you ever considered the different types of toilet and just what questions to ask when buying one?


Let's take a look on how are toilets made?


Toilets are made with a blend of clay, fillers and fluxes that are fused together. It is then modeled, dried and fired with a finish or glaze in order to create a vessel.

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Before buying a new toilet there are a few things that you need to take into consideration first. Take a look at the style of your bathroom, is it modern or traditional?


High level toilets are great for creating an authentic traditional look, while Wall hung toilets add a smart, contemporary look.


Types of Toilets:


  • Wall Hung Toilets
  • Back to Wall Toilets
  • Open Back Close Coupled Toilets
  • Flush to Fit Close Coupled Toilets
  • High Level Toilets
  • Low Level Toilets


Wall Hung Toilets


The ultimate in modern function and design, wall hung toilets appear to float above the floor, with no visible cistern. The cistern is fitted into the wall and is accessible via a flush panel. As the toilet pan floats a few inches above the floor, it creates the illusion of a larger bathroom and makes cleaning easier too. RAK Wall Hung Toilets are Best Option for an extra ordinary modern look.

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Back to Wall Toilets


Back to Wall Toilets are ideal for creating a modern, minimalist look. They have the cistern concealed in the wall or a piece of furniture to provide a neat finish and a clever way to maximise space in the bathroom or cloakroom.  This toilet is a neat solution for maximising space in a small bathroom. These toilets come in an assortment of sets with matching basins and pedestals to complete a flawless, modern look.

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Open Back Close Coupled Toilets


A closed-coupled toilet consists of two separate ceramic pieces - the pan and the cistern. The cistern is mounted directly on the top of the pan, and typically has a dual flush button on the top, or sometimes a lever handle. Open back have access to the pipework at the back, while closed back does not. Open back closed coupled toilets are one of the best toilets for your dream bathroom.

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Flush to Fit Close Coupled Toilets


Close coupled toilets are, perhaps, the most common type of toilets found in UK homes. Close coupled toilets consist of a cistern which is mounted directly on top of the pan which is then fitted flush to the floor. In Flush to Fit Close Coupled Toilets, the pipes are hidden within the casings of the toilet and their compact nature means they are perfect for fitting into small or awkward spaces.

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High Level Toilets


High level toilets are what most people think of when they imagination a traditional bathroom. In the past, the cistern of a toilet was kept high up and the water pressure for the flush was created by the water falling down the flush pipe. Although this is no longer required, the traditional look of high level units makes this toilet type a popular choice. High level toilets are also known as Traditional Toilets.

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Low Level Toilets


Low level toilets are perfect for creating the traditional look of a high level toilet, without the complexities of a long flush pipe and mounting a high cistern. Unlike high toilets, the flush pipe is only short, so the cistern can sit comfortably in a small space.

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Install a Toilet:


Size and position


When buying a toilet, it’s important to consider how and where it will fit. It’s always worth drawing up a scaled plan of your bathroom and arranging things before committing to a purchase.



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