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A Quick Buying guide for Wet room Kit | Best Quality Bathrooms England

A Quick Buying guide for Wet room Kit

A wet room kit is a single purchase that contains all the items you need to get a wet room ready for tiling. Wet room kits contain a wet room shower tray, tanking kit, and wet room drain. You can be assured that you are receiving everything you need by purchasing a wet room kit, this will also reduce your budget to buy things individually. And also delivery charges will be saved! A wet room typically has a life span of between 10 and 15 years. The wet room kit needs to comfortably last for this entire period.

Best Quality Bathrooms supply two leading types of wet room kits:

 Maxxus wetroom shower tray kit online

What Wetroom Kits do you need?

1) floor type: If your wetroom area is made from a wooden or concrete floor then you will need a floor-type wetroom kit. 2) Floor former: If you want to use tiles or vinyl in your wetroom then you will need a floor former wetroom kit. 3) Wetroom drain position: Decide first that in which position you want your wetroom drain to be placed? Centered or offset? 4) Shower area: Make sure to choose the right size of your wetroom shower tray kit. It should be matched with your wetroom shower area.

Waterproof wall and floor kits

Special waterproof wall and floorboards create a seal between your tiles and your bathroom floors and walls, keeping all the water where it should be. If care is not taken to waterproof the room correctly, you risk causing some pretty extensive damage and a hefty repair bill. The most common way to waterproof a wet room is to fit a carefully sealed tanking membrane underneath the floor and wall tiles.

Expert Wetroom advice:

Many of the sellers on online marketplaces and with their own websites are exactly that – just sellers, with a piece of limited product knowledge and no experience of installing wet rooms. At Best Quality Bathrooms we are genuine experts in the field of wet rooms having many years of experience in selling, designing, and installing wet rooms. It is just an online selling website. But we have a showroom and we do a designing of a bathroom, wetrooms, and cloakrooms. We do complete bathroom installation too. Simply call us on 0114 2878030 to know more about us. We are more than happy to discuss our ideas for wetrooms with you.

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