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Perfect Shower Enclosure for Your Bathroom | Merlyn Shower Enclosures

Choose the Perfect Shower Enclosure for Your Bathroom

Although a shower enclosure is defined as one or more panels enclosing a shower area, some models do not have doors. With a wide range of shower enclosures to choose from, the choice can be a little overwhelming. I’ve written this to aid you with your decision and help you choose and buy the correct shower enclosure for your bathroom.

If you looking for a new or replacement shower enclosure, here are a few things that you need to look out for:

  • The shower enclosure should fit your space
  • It should match your style
  • The enclosure must have all the functions you need
  • It should accentuate your bathroom

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Modern shower enclosures can be fitted on a weekend and can be purchased in kit form from DIY stores like Best Quality Bathrooms.

There are different types of shower enclosures for your convenience.

Quadrant Shower Enclosures:

There are various types of shower enclosure available that will suit different areas. The quadrant shower enclosure is designed to fit into the corner of the bathroom. Its curved frontage is ideal for tight spaces and offers a cool, modern look. Shop Merlyn Quadrant Shower Enclosures Now!

Shop Merlyn Mbox Quadrant Shower Enclosures at Best Quality Bathrooms

This Mbox Quadrant Shower Enclosure is made from 6mm toughened glass and available in 800mm and 900mm size from Merlyn showering. Merlyn Mbox Quadrant Shower Enclosure is just a perfect quadrant shower enclosure of your bathroom.

Offset Quadrant Shower Enclosures:

An offset quadrant shower enclosure fits neatly into the corner of a room just like the quadrant shower enclosure. The offset quadrant shower enclosure and tray are a modern update of rectangular-shaped enclosures with a curved edge.


Selecting a Shower Door for Your Enclosure


Pivot Shower Door

Pivot Shower Doors are more suited to larger bathrooms only because the door opens out into the bathroom using specially made brackets. The pivot hinge can be attached on one side of the door, or it can be center-mounted to create a revolving shower door.

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Bi-fold Shower Door

Bi-fold doors are made up of 2 sections with one fixed and the other movable. A bi-fold shower door has the luxury of being able to work with shower enclosures that are both recessed and fully enclosed with panels

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Hinged Shower Door

Hinged shower door uses a hinged swing-out shower door for an easy to use functionality. A hinged shower door is a glass panel that opens by swinging in one direction on pivoting hinges, like a typical passage door in your home.

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Sliding Shower Door

In Sliding Shower Doors, One side of the door slides inside the other half, providing simple functionality and a wide entrance. Sliding shower doors have the door mounted on sliding runners. Shop Sliding Shower Doors now!

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Side Panels:

Side Panels are glass panels that can be used to complete a showering space or enclosure. Constructed of top-quality tempered safety glass thickness, these panels offer an opulent and luxurious look and unmatched performance.

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What will affect the cost of a shower enclosure?

Whether you want to keep costs low or have a million-pound budget, our buying guide will help you choose a shower enclosure for you.

  • Thickness - Standard glass thickness includes 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, and 10mm. The thicker the glass the more durable it is. The price will also increase with the glass thickness. 
  • Size – If the size of the enclosure is big there will be more material used for development. So as the size increases cost will also increase with it. 
  • Style - The style of your enclosure shouldn't alter the price too much. 
  • Brand - Depending on which brand of shower enclosure you choose, the cost may differ. Merlyn will give the best products at an affordable and pocket-friendly cost.

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Wet rooms and walk-in showers


Wet Rooms and walk-in showers are both popular choices for modern bathrooms and both have their benefits. A wet room is an entirely waterproofed room, generally equipped with a shower, and usually clad entirely in tile. Walk-in showers are a great alternative in spaces where a wet room isn't recommended. As there’s no need for a shower tray there’s no step to get into or out of the shower which makes wet rooms a great option for those with mobility problems.


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Now you know everything about the shower enclosure, why not find your dream shower enclosure? But just to let you know that don’t forget to surf Shower enclosures by Merlyn Showering. So what are you waiting for? Shop Merlyn Shower Enclosures now!

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