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How to Choose the Best Basin for Your Bathroom

How to Choose the Best Basin for Your Bathroom

The washbasin is often the focal point of your bathroom from a design perspective, helping to set the tone and style of the room. Whether it’s for your bathroom, en-suite or cloakroom, space is one of the main elements to consider.

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Before choosing a new sink, it’s important to think about how your sink will be used. If your sink is for a cloakroom, it will probably only be used for washing your hands, which means you can choose a small basin with a shallower depth. If there’s limited storage space within your bathroom, then you can choose a vanity unit with basin, so you can store whatever you need underneath your basin.

Types of Basin:

  • Wall Hung Basin
  • Full Pedestal Basin
  • Semi Pedestal Basin
  • Countertop Basin
  • Semi Recessed Basin
  • Corner Basin
  • Modular Floor Standing Basin Unit
  • Modular Wall Hung Basin Unit

Wall Hung Basin:

Wall hung basins are highly popular within en suites and cloakrooms due to their compact nature. This is a very popular style of basin. It is fixed to the wall using basin bolts and is usually supplied with one or three tap holes. Bring a fusion of contemporary style and detail to your bathroom in the form of wall-hung wash basins.

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Full Pedestal Basin:

Full pedestal basin is the classic style of basin that most of us would picture when imagining a bathroom suite. It is secured to the floor as well as the wall, so the pedestal isn't actually taking the full weight of the basin.

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Semi Pedestal Basin:

Semi pedestal basins don't touch the floor, instead consisting of a half-sized ceramic pedestal sitting under the wall-mounted basin. Semi pedestal is a shorter version of the full length one. A basin with a semi pedestal is a great option for a small bathroom.

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Countertop Basin:

A countertop basin is essentially a basin mounted directly onto a level surface - such as a vanity unit or wall hung basin shelf. Counter-top basins are designed to be fitted onto a worktop. They are usually fitted with a wall mounted basin tap or a high rise basin tap.

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Semi Recessed Basin:

Semi recessed basin sits on top of a unit, but projects or hangs over the front rather than being fully fitted within the counter top. A semi-recessed basin adds a stylish touch to your bathroom.

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Corner Basin:

Corner washbasins are used to free-up space and give the bathroom a roomy appearance. Corner Bathroom Sinks are considered as space savers as they are ingeniously designed for the tiniest of cloakrooms and small bathrooms.

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Modular Floor-standing Basin Unit:

Modular Floor-standing basin units are also known as floor-mounted bathroom vanity units with basins. A Floor standing vanity unit with basin can help to create a focal point for your bathroom as they can be quite distinctive in design.

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Modular Wall Hung Basin Unit:

Modular Wall Hung Basin Units are also known as Wall hung bathroom vanity unit with basins. A wall-hung vanity is attached directly to the wall instead of standing on the floor. Wall-hung vanity unit with basin come in different sizes, including with either one or two basins.

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Now, you know everything about basin. Think about above types and then decide which basin will be the best choice for you. Shop Basins now at Best Quality Bathrooms! Free & Quick Delivery on all orders!


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