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Bathroom Tap Buying Guide

When it comes to buying bathroom taps and kitchen taps, there are several factors you should consider to ensure you choose the right type and style for your needs. Here is a buying guide that covers various types of taps and their features:

1. Basin Taps:
– Basin taps are used for sinks and basins in bathrooms. They come in various styles, including pillar taps and mixer taps.

2. Basin Mixer Taps:
– Basin mixer taps combine hot and cold water into a single spout. They offer a more convenient and streamlined option compared to basin pillar taps. Mixer taps allow you to adjust the temperature and water flow with ease.

3. Tall Basin Mixer Taps:
– Tall basin mixer taps are designed for basins with a taller profile or countertop basins. They provide a stylish and contemporary look while offering practical functionality.

4. 3 Hole Basin Taps:
– 3 hole basin taps require three separate holes in the basin or countertop for installation. They often come with separate hot and cold water handles and a central spout.

5. Basin Pillar Taps:
– Basin pillar taps consist of separate hot and cold water taps mounted on individual pillars. They offer a traditional and classic look for your bathroom.

6. Wall-Mounted Basin Taps:
– Wall-mounted basin taps are installed on the wall above the basin. They provide a sleek and minimalist appearance, making cleaning the basin easier.

7. Bath Taps:
– Bath taps are used for filling bathtubs. They come in various styles, including bath shower mixer taps, bath filler taps, and bath pillar taps.

8. Bath Shower Mixer Taps:
– Bath shower mixer taps combine a bath filler and a shower attachment in one unit. They allow you to switch between filling the bath and using the shower.

9. Bath Filler Taps:
– Bath filler taps are designed solely for filling the bath. They typically have a single spout and require a separate showering mechanism.

10. Freestanding Bath Taps:
– Freestanding bath taps are designed for standalone or freestanding bathtubs. They provide a stylish and luxurious look.

11. Bath Pillar Taps:
– Bath pillar taps consist of separate hot and cold water taps mounted on individual pillars. They are a traditional option for bath installations.

12. Bath Spouts:
– Bath spouts are the water outlets in the bath, which can be combined with other taps or fillers. They come in various designs and styles to complement your bathroom decor.

13. Overflow Bath Fillers:
– Overflow bath fillers combine the function of a bath filler tap and an overflow system. They allow you to fill the bath through the overflow opening, saving space and maintaining a clean look.

14. Bidet Taps:
– Bidet taps are designed for bidets, which are used for personal hygiene. They come in various styles, including bidet pillar taps and bidet mixer taps.

15. Bidet Mixer Taps:
– Bidet mixer taps combine hot and cold water into a single spout for bidets. They offer convenience and ease of use.

16. Douche Kits & Valves:
– Douche kits and valves are used for bidets and provide additional cleaning functions. They typically include a spray attachment and control valves for water flow.

17. Kitchen Taps:
– Kitchen taps are specifically designed for use in the kitchen. They come in various styles and configurations, such as single-handle, dual-handle, pull-out, or pull-down faucets.

When buying taps, consider the following factors:

– Style and aesthetics: Choose a tap style that complements your bathroom or kitchen decor.
– Functionality: Consider the features you require, such as single or dual handles, swivel spouts, or pull-out sprayers.
– Durability: Look for taps made from high-quality materials like brass or stainless steel for long-lasting performance.
– Water efficiency: Check if the taps are water-efficient, with features like flow restrictors or aerators to conserve water.
– Installation: Ensure the taps are compatible with your existing plumbing setup or consider the cost of modifications if required.
– Budget: Set a budget and explore options within that range, considering the quality and features you need. By considering these factors and understanding the different types of taps available, you can make an informed decision when purchasing bathroom taps and kitchen taps.

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