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The Ultimate Shower Buying Guide: Navigating Your Way to Shower Perfection

Your daily shower is more than just a routine; it’s a moment of relaxation and rejuvenation. The key to transforming your shower experience lies in choosing the right components. From shower valves to accessories, this comprehensive buying guide will help you decode the world of showers, ensuring you create a shower space that’s not only functional but also a reflection of your style.

1. Understanding Shower Valves

  • Bar Shower Valves: These space-efficient valves offer precise control over water temperature and flow, combining sleek design with functionality.
  • Concealed 1, 2, and 3-Way Thermostatic Shower Valves: Experience ultimate comfort with these valves that allow you to control multiple outlets while maintaining a consistent water temperature.
  • Manual Shower Valves: Traditional yet dependable, manual valves offer control over water temperature and flow with simple operation.
  • Diverter Valves & Trimsets: Easily switch between different shower components, such as overhead shower heads and handheld handsets, with diverter valves and trim sets.
  • Stop Valves: Enjoy added control and safety with stop valves that allow you to shut off the water supply to your shower quickly.

2. Exploring Shower Systems

  • Shower Systems: Upgrade your shower experience with pre-assembled systems that combine valves, shower heads, and handsets for a comprehensive solution.
  • Electric & Power Showers: For homes with lower water pressure, electric and power showers offer a boosted water flow for an invigorating experience.
  • Digital Showers: Embrace innovation with digital showers that allow you to set and maintain your preferred water temperature with precision.

3. Choosing Shower Kits and Accessories

  • Concealed Shower Kits: Achieve a sleek look with concealed kits that hide pipework behind the wall, emphasizing the aesthetic appeal.
  • Exposed Shower Kits: Enjoy the practicality of exposed kits that display pipework, adding an industrial touch to your bathroom.
  • Shower Heads: Select from an array of shower heads, including ceiling and overhead options for a rain-like experience, and wall-mounted heads for targeted water flow.
  • Shower Arms: Connect your shower head securely to the wall or ceiling with shower arms that come in various lengths and styles.
  • Shower Handsets & Hose Kits: For versatile showering, opt for handsets with hose kits that allow you to direct water exactly where you need it.
  • Shower Outlets & Elbows: These components ensure water is channelled smoothly from the pipes to your shower fixtures.
  • Shower Riser Rails & Slider Kits: Customize your shower height and angle with riser rails and slider kits, ensuring optimal comfort.

4. Discovering Quality Brands

  • Vado Showers UK: Elevate your shower with Vado’s premium quality showers, like the Vado Velo shower column, offering both aesthetics and performance.

5. Shopping for Showers Online


When it comes to showers, every component plays a crucial role in enhancing your experience. By understanding different valve types, exploring shower systems, and selecting the right accessories, you can create a shower space that perfectly matches your preferences. Brands like Vado offer a premium touch to your bathroom, and with the convenience of online shopping, you can easily find the best quality bathrooms from the comfort of your home. Elevate your daily routine with a shower space that’s not only functional but also a source of daily indulgence. Write to us at or call us on 07814193439

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